Fresh pressed fruit
+Sparkling mineral water

How it's made.

We work with local farmers to find the best fruit and source our water from a natural spring. It’s really that simple.


fresh pressed fruit

sparkling mineral water


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As we continue our move across the country keep an eye on stores in your local neighbourhood.

We’re currently available in Sobeys, Safeway and select Costco locations nationwide.

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About Us

We started VIVEAU because we couldn’t find a full-flavoured sparkling water that wasn’t packed with unnatural and untraceable ingredients.

Based in Nova Scotia's beautiful Annapolis Valley, our mission is to create a portfolio of beverages that highlight local ingredients and flavours.

a man with a beard hold 2 viveau bottles wearing a viveau apron
blueberry bottle on a wooden table with blueberries in the background

Fresh, sustainable, and good value

Produced locally with great products, fresh, sustainable and good value for price. I highly recommend trying all of them and figuring out your favorite (ours is cherry). Serve cold over ice!

- Clifford M

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VIVEAU is original and worth a try.

I've tried a few different VIVEAU products and they deliver a very satisfying, thirst quenching experience! Overall, the drink is light, refreshing, clean and delivers a balanced, crisp flavour. VIVEAU is original and worth a try. Great work VIVEAU!

- Gordon W.

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Great for every occasion!

The perfect alternative to processed sugar-filled beverages. If you’re looking for something to satisfy that sweet tooth, Apple is a great choice. If you like things a bit more bitter, Cherry is the way to go. They also act as great mixers for both vodka, gin and other spirits.

- Zach MacDonald

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Great product!

Love the glass bottle design instead of wasteful plastic. Such a refreshing healthy beverage!

- Keenan Costain

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Love this product.

All natural and tastes delicious - a rare find on the shelf these days.

- Tara Wickwire

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