The lightly sparkling mineral water.

tart cherry

Move aside cherry-flavoured-wannabes. We don’t need you when we use the real thing. Our cherries are picked at their peak for a full-bodied beverage that’s mildly tart and exceptionally hydrating.

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crisp apple cider

While it may invoke a sense of nostalgic charm, this is not your over-sugared cider from childhood’s past. Made with real pressed apples, it’s perfectly crisp with just the right amount of sweetness.

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wild blueberry

Crushable by nature, wild blueberry isn’t afraid of showing its true colours. Naturally sweet and full of real flavour, you’ll go wild for wild blueberry Viveau. 

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ripe strawberry

The newest addition to our flavour line-up, ripe strawberry really is from a league of its own. Deliciously light and fruity, it’ll have you daydreaming of summer nights *cue Grease soundtrack.*

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mixed pack of 24

Not sure which Viveau flavour is your favourite? Never fear, our mixed pack is here.

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Searching for the taste of Viveau? You’ll find us at most major retailers and independent grocers throughout Canada. Keep an eye out for us in your neighbourhood, as we continue to expand across the country.

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